Urbanis Advisors

Urbanis Advisors is a real estate firm whose objective is to help clients successfully navigate the complex world of real estate development. Urbanis Advisors leads clients through development planning processes including land acquisitions, design of architectural plans, development of real estate projects, and assessment of financial opportunities.

Our expertise includes:

  • Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Investment Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Land Procurement
  • Joint Venture Structures

About Urbanis

Muayad Abbas is the founder and managing partner of Urbanis Advisors. Mr. Abbas has advised real estate clients across local and international markets for over 15 years.

Mr. Abbas's real estate experience spans across various specialties. As Vice President of the Related Group's International arm, Related International, he led operations in Panama, Colombia, and Argentina, which included the development of mix-use projects valued at an excess of $750M.

His international experience extends to the Middle East where Mr. Abbas launched a privately owned real estate development company in Kuwait and grew its portfolio of $180M to more than $500M in assets and pipeline projects. His development strengths are complemented by his previous experiences in architecture and town planning gained by working at world-renowned Duany Plater-Zyberk (DPZ) Architects and Town Planners.

Muayad Abbas

Mr. Abbas is an adjunct professor at University of Miami Real Estate Development + Urbanism program where he teaches Entrepreneurship in Real Estate. He also sat on the Miami Beach Affordable Housing Advisory Committee.

Urbanis Ventures

Urbanis Ventures is an entrepreneurial platform that disrupts existing business models within the real estate industry to innovate and capture value for its partners and the community. We look for opportunities that elevate traditional real estate models and implement an innovative approach to achieve superior product, profitability, and social impact.

Current Urbanis Ventures

Apeiron Living

Case Studies

  • Need

    Urbanis Advisors was commissioned by one of the largest development companies in the US to complete the interiors of a residential building in West Palm Beach, Florida that incurred major design issues. The developer wanted to adjust the vision of the project and brought Urbanis Advisors onboard to solve this problem.


    Urbanis Advisors presented an innovative plan that included interior design, furniture design and procurement, art creation and installation. Urbanis Advisors delivered an exceptional product on time and on budget.

  • Need

    Downtown Miami landowner wanted to unlock the value of his vacant property and had no clear vision as to how to address it.


    Urbanis Advisors identified the opportunity for a residential building on the site and introduced the right development partner. A joint venture was created, and now Centro is the first of many projects in the pipeline for the developer and landowner.

  • Need

    Hollywood, Florida landowners retained Urbanis Advisors to raise capital for the development of Hollywood Circle, which had been at a standstill since 2008 due to the recession.


    Through Urbanis Advisor's analysis, the company concluded the US Government's immigration through investment program, known as EB-5, was a viable path to raise capital. As such, a Regional Center was established to qualify the project under US Government guidelines. Because of its thoughtful and analytical approach, Urbanis Advisors was able to expand its scope to include project management that encompassed completing entitlements, negotiating with national tenants and obtaining government incentives. $120 Million was raised through these efforts.

  • Al-Saleh


    A prominent family in Kuwait had a real estate portfolio valued at $180 Million, but had no viable expansion plan. The family approached Urbanis Advisors for guidance.


    Urbanis Advisors devised a development strategy for the family's portfolio, which resulted in the planning and construction of multiple residential buildings and a large-scale development in Kuwait City, thereby increasing the portfolio's value to $500 Million.

  • Need

    Residents voiced a need to address public improvements within the island.


    A Master Plan for Park View Island was created. After receiving public and city feedback, Urbanis Advisors led the effort to conduct a charrette (public workshop) to bring parties together and finalize a master plan to address their needs. This was a collaboration between the City of Miami Beach, residents of Park View Island and University of Miami School of Architecture.

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